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Hello Elise, The two whippet coats were delivered on Monday morning. They fit perfectly and the dogs look very smart wearing them (and being whippets enjoy the warmth!). My wife who is an amateur...
Nick on 26/06/2017 5
Hi Elise, Just wanted to let you know that our coat arrived today and it fits perfectly!! Thank you so much, he looks very handsome in it and it is great quality. Kind regards, Alex
Alex on 26/06/2017 5
Fantastic coat Elise fits the little fella like a glove cheers John
John on 05/04/2016 5
Hi Elise Our coat for our pug, Rissole, arrived today in time for the Canberra winter and it fits perfectly (with just enough room for a 6mth old pug to fill out...). Thank you for preparing i...
Ben on 05/04/2016 5
Thank you Elise The coat is fabulous and a perfect fit. (Whippet coat)
katey on 27/07/2015 5

Fair Dinkum Dogs

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Fair Dinkum Dog Coats are waterproof, oilskin dog coats hand-made in Central Victoria, Australia by Elise Brown.

Designed to reflect our Australian culture, Fair Dinkum Dog Coats look fantastic as well as being tough and offering valuable water-proof protection for those pooches that love the outdoors.

Made with durable oilskin with the option of cotton or fleecy lining,your dog can be kept snug in all weather conditions. Fair Dinkum Dog Coats come in a range of styles and sizes to suit every breed of dog, we are renowned for fitting our coats to those tricky shaped dogs such as greyhound, whippets, dachshunds etc.

What is Oilskin? Oilskin is cotton fabric painted with oil. It is extremely durable, waterproof, wind resistant and flexible. It is the best dog coat material because it flexes and moves with the dog allowing your dog to curl up into an indoor bed or kennel. Oilskin is dark brown / black in colour. It is not uncommon to come across 10 year old Fair Dinkum Dog Coats still in use because of the quality of fabric used.

Coats are hand washable and can be re oiled using Joseph Lyddy – Dry Proof every 2 – 3 washes. Most customers find a vacuum of the inner lining and an airing is all that's needed to freshen the coat up in most cases.

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