Hello Elise,
The two whippet coats were delivered on Monday morning. They fit perfectly and
the dogs look very smart wearing them (and being whippets enjoy the warmth!).
My wife who is an amateur, but very competent, dressmaker says that they are
beautifully made.
Thank you, therefore, for an excellent product and excellent service. Kind regards,
Nicholas - 26/06/2017
Hi Elise,
Slim loves his new coat and so do we!
Anthony - 01/06/2018
Hi Elise,
Just a quick thank you for Gizzmos new coat it fits him perfectly. Unfortunately (fortunately) we don’t subscribe to social media so we can’t recommend you in that way ,but word of mouth is still a great wat to recommend someone,which is what i will do when someone see his great coat.
Thanks again,
Gareth - 20/05/2018
Coat arrived today and fits very well indeed. He'll be the toast of all the other dogs on the beach tomorrow morning.
L - 01/05/2018
 Absolutely, Elise - and I'm delighted to report that Squig is still showing no signs 
of wanting to get out of his coat, so it's a winner!  
 I have written a review on Product Review, although I believe word of mouth is the best 
form of advertising and I first heard of you through the Whippet Appreciation Society website (where I also posted that photo of Squig in his new coat) and Google took me to Gumtree where I found your first ad.
Best wishes,
Emmie - 17/04/2018